It is very important accessories for starting Electric motors more than 10 HP
These control panels are used for contactors and electrical appliances and feature a soft starter protection system. This protection system is almost as efficient as digital panels and is used to start up electromotor above 10HP. These types of controls can protect up to 80%.
Soft-starters are drives designed for the smooth acceleration and deceleration of three-phase induction motors by controlling the voltage applied to the motor.
Micro processed and fully digital, the SSW06 line of soft-starters was developed with cutting-edge technology, ensuring the best performance in the start and stop of induction motors.
The line has an advanced operating interface that allows easy parameter setting, built-in Pump Control function, providing effective pump control, in addition to the torque control function, which allows accelerations and decelerations with linear speed ramps.
SSW06 can control Motor PTC thermistor input and can be add PT100 Controller Converter in optional.

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