Warranty Policy

Products sold in Pumpsupermarket.com website, come with 1 year warranty. All tanks have 5 years warranty starting from purchase date(invoice date). (Warranty will be accepted only for customers who completed the warranty form, provided by Pumpsupermarket.com , in this page, prior to the pump installation)


Warranty claims will be rejected in the following situations:


A. If the defect in the product arises from:

  •  Any drawing, design or specification supplied by the customer/purchaser
  • Modifications undertaken by the customer/ purchaser or a third party without the consents of pumpmarket.us.


B.  If a defect is caused by:

  •  Normal wear and tear
  •  Inadequate maintenance or faulty repair by others than our service department.
  •  Failure to observe the operating instructions
  •  Over- loading
  • Use of any unsuitable material
  • The effects of chemical or electrolytic action
  • Building or assembly work not undertaken by pumpmarket.us
  • Other reasons beyond pumpmarket.us control.
  • You are responsible to send All the information and documents like pictures or videos that our service department require from you.
  • If we notice that you do not have a reliable electrical protector for any possible problems, your warranty will not be accepted

As a general rule, Pumpsupermarket.com will not accept to pay transportation/replacement/installation costs for faulty products.

Warranty claims may also be submitted by contacting the local Pumpsupermarket.com office or the point of sale.

[Attention: Please make sure that you complete the warranty form, for your products immediately after your purchase and prior to the installation, or your warranty will not be accepted]

Please read the product warranty page here…

Picture ID Required

For our customers’ safety and protection, If the Billing and Shipping addresses are different,  we might call and ask for your picture ID after you place your order, to make sure our customer’s card is not being used by somebody else.

  • If you cancel your order right after you place the order, even if we do not ship out, there will be a 3% credit card processing fee that will be deducted from you total amount.

Our Return Policy

You may exchange or return product for a refund (excluding shipping and handling charges) within 30 days of purchase. All items must be in new, unused, untested condition. Items tested in any manner are not returnable. If you are returning an item in which we paid the shipping/handling charge you will be responsible for the outbound shipping charge that we, as the shipper, incurred to have your order delivered. This amount will be deducted from your refund. If you do return an item that has been used and is not in resalable condition, the customer will be charged a cleaning fee of up to 50%, depending on how much labor and time is involved in cleaning the item. If any item is damaged, we will deduct the cost of that item from the refund. Special order items are not returnable. Every return requires a return authorization number (RA) from us.

Return Procedures:

Every return requires a return authorization number (RA) from us. All Returns require this authorization number. Please note that an RA# does not guarantee a refund. All returns are subject to inspection by us. All exchanged/returned merchandise must be in original factory condition, including all packaging materials, manuals, warranty cards (not filled-out) and all accessories. Please do not tape or write anything on the item or the package! We reserve the right to charge you for replacement of damaged, altered, missing, written-on or taped-on contents or cartons. We reserve the right to refuse any such returns. Pack the products into a shipping box with plenty of packing material, and tape securely. Write the RA# issued by Customer Service clearly on the outside of the shipping box. Any merchandise returned to us unauthorized will be refused. We are not responsible for shipping cost(s) incurred on any products(s), no matter the reason for the return.

Please inspect your order immediately and notify us right away if there is any damage to
your merchandise.

  • No refunds on custom orders, no refunds on special orders, any item that is not in our stock.
  • No refunds on any sewage pump that has been used.
  • All returns must be authorized and customer must write the return number on the package or the return will not be accepted.

  All regular returns will be charged a 15% restocking fee.

  All cancelled orders and returns will be charged a 6% credit card processing fee on top of the restocking fee.

  All items returned must be in salable condition for a full refund, shipping fee is not refundable.


  Pump safety and protection recommendations 


▪ All electrical appliances need protection system.

Failing to use protection system, not only can seriously harm the equipment, but can also invalidate every right to assistance under warranty.

▪ Protection Percentage of Protective systems

Built-in thermal protector is installed directly on single-phase pumps winding by the manufacturer and has only 50% protection depending on the power of the motor. For example an electric motor with a power of 0.37kw is protected up to 60% by using built-in thermal control protector.

Look at the following table.


Protection percentage of built-in thermal control protector for single-phase electric-motor 220 V

Power – KW

110V – 50/60 Hz

220V 50/60 Hz





%50 %60
0.75 %30



%25 %40




2.2 %5




Some of the three-phase electric-pumps are equipped with thermal protection systems (Thermo guards) placed inside an external control panel on the circuit line.

This protection system for all pumps with different powers can provide up to 75% complete protection. 


Thermal starter

If the starting-up method is proportional to the power of the motor as well as the consumed current rate and regarding to the setting of the current rate of starter protector (Amax × 1.1 = As), all single / three phase pumps are protected up to 50% and 30% respectively.



It is the least protective device for a pump that can also be used as a power switch. All miniature switches operate like these starters

The disadvantages of these starters are to fail to being protected against open phase, delay operation and unable to be connected to other external controllers.


Electronic starters

These starters operate based on the consumed current and depending on the setting of protective parameter cut off power immediately when the current is increased. It can provide up to 90% protection in single-phase motors, 80% in three-phase motors (if open phase control is used) and 50% ( if open phase control is not used ).These starters are unable to be connected to other external controllers.


Electric control panel

These control panels consist of power contactors, bimetal (thermal) protectors, phase controllers and start / stop current transducers.

These panels can provide up to 50% complete protection due to the high quality of the electrical components and their ability of phase control.


Digital Control Panel

Due to their quality and high accuracy in measuring electronics and the possibility of installing multiple external controllers, they can provide 80 to 100% protection. The benefits of these panels include initial accurate settings, easy to use, phase controlling, phase sequence controlling, electrical shock protection and the possibility of being connected to other external controllers such as mechanical floater, thermal systems, humid meter and more. These digital panels are manufactured in different models and types to meet consumer’s needs. Pumpsupermarket.com  has provided a number of them that fully meet consumer needs.


Soft starter control panels

These control panels are used for contactors and electrical appliances and feature a soft starter protection system. This protection system is almost as efficient as digital panels and is used to start up electromotor above 10HP. These types of controls can protect up to 80%.


Inverter control panels

These panels feature electrical accessories such as contactors, starter/stops switch and a inverter that can manually or automatically control the rotation speed of the pump. This control panel is often used in booster pump systems where the flow rate varies but it is necessary to keep the pressure of a hydraulic circuit constant by varying the rotation speed of the electro pump.


Thank you for reading our terms and conditions

Pumpsupermarket.com support team.