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Diesel Self-Priming Motor Pump with YANMAR Engine L100W – 9.5 HP – JDA100W-A34


Diesel Self-Priming Motor Pump with YANMAR Engine L100W – 9.5 HP – JDA100W-A34



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This series of electric centrifugal self-priming pumps has the characteristics to have the prime made by means of the emulsion air-liquid. The air of the suction piping is sucked inside the pump body by the depression created by the rotating impeller, therefore it emulsifies with the liquid contained into the pump body.


The centrifugal self-priming pumps series JCS have been designed to be flanged (or through a flexible coupling) to diesel or gasoline engines and electrical motors. These groups are then suitable for heavy duty application with solids handling, for this series of pumps are the following:

  • Building industry: Drainage of excavation sites, dewatering of floods. Water transfer to/from tankers.
  • Treatment: Transfer of dirty and sewage waters, emptying of domestic or industrial drain wells.
  • Ship industry: Bilge dewatering, washing, water transfer.
  • Civil industry: Transfer of muddy, chemical liquids with solids and particles in suspension. Fire-fighting. Sewerage system drainage.
  • Agriculture: Irrigation at low and middle pressure head.

The emulsion air-liquid is pushed into the delivery channel where the air, which is lighter, gets separated and gets out from the delivery piping; the liquid, which is heavier, returns into circulation. Once the pump gets rid of all the air from the suction piping, the pump starts and it works as a normal centrifugal pump, therefore the pump can work also with a mixture of air-liquid. There is a non-return valve fitted to the discharge side which enables a small quantity of liquid to be retained in the pump body thus allowing an automatic prime and suction lift to any application. This eliminates the need to prime the pump at each start up.

Pump Construction

  • Pump body, impeller, pump support and inlet, in cast iron
  • Non return valve in nitrile rubber and steel
  • Impeller in cast iron
  • Mechanical seal in carbon ceramic (upon request tungsten/carbide)
  • Rotor shaft in stainless steel fitted with seal bearings
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled motor (TEFC)
  • Single phase motors with a built in thermal overload protection on request, the capacitor is permanently in circuit
  • Winding Insulation to class F

Pump Technical Data

Model JDA100W-A34
Brand JMS
Manufacturer’s Warranty 1 year Limited Warranty
Impeller Material Cast Iron
Port Size (in.) 3″
Max Flow (GPH) 20820
HP 9.5
Motor Yanmar diesel engine L100W
Working Range @ 70 ft. > 1620 GPH
@ 11 ft. > 20820 GPH
Max. Suction Lift (ft.) 17
Max. PSI 30.45
Suction Port (in.) 3″
Discharge Port (in.) 3″
Self-Priming Yes
Start Recoil
Portable Yes – 2 Wheels Trolley with Handles

Pump Performance Curve

Model Solids Handling Impeller Diameter Number of Blades
Inch Inch
JCS-S3A34S Ø 1.3 Ø 4.3 3

Engine Performance Curve

Model L100W
Type 4 stroke, vertical cylinder, air-cooled diesel engine
ATS (After Treatment System)
No. of Cylinders 1
Bore x Stroke inch Φ 3.4 x 3
Displacement gallons 0.1
Continuous Rated Output Engine Speed rpm (min-1) 3600
Output Kw 6.2
Maximum Rated Output Engine Speed rpm (min-1) 3600
Output / Eng. Speed Kw 6.8
High Idling rpm (min-1) 3800±30
Engine Weight (Dry) Electric Starter lb 117.7
Recoil Start lb 106.7
Cooling System Forced air-cooling by flywheel fan
Lubricating System Forced lubricating system
Starting System Electric star / Recoil start
Dimension Overall Length (L) inch 16.9
Overall Width (W) inch 18.6
Overall Height (H) inch 19.4
Lubricating System Dispstick Upper Limit gallons 0.4
Dispstick Lower Limit gallons 0.3
Fuel Oil Tank Capacity gallons 1.4

Engine Dimensions (mm)


Upon installation always prime the pump body first before start up. Pump must be installed always in the horizontal position.